There’s no-one like you.
Unique and inimitable. Raika jewellery sets trends and influences style choice within many companies in the sector.

“Always be the best version of yourself, not a bad copy of somebody else” Judy Garland, the famous Hollywood actress, once said. Words which the renowned jewellery brand, Raika – admired the world over precisely for its originality and individuality – has always interpreted literally, and built up extraordinary, long-lasting success over the years. Established in 1995, Raika originally produced mainly men’s jewellery for the European market. The company matured over the years until it became what it is today – a world renowned brand, famous for its women’s high-end jewellery. Being a genius and unique always has its “side effects”: for Raika this means constantly exposing itself to attempts from the competition to copy and imitate. In fact, Raika’s latest collection, thanks to its unusual, unconventional design, as already influenced jewellery  trends and is heavily copied even though the creations are protected by a patent (n° 0001418148). Day after day, Raika’s success continues to grow, thanks to the strength of the company’s passion and originality. Today, more than ever, one can say that “there’s only one Raika”.



To introduce the company Raika in the gold international market place, has been the production of high quality solid and hollow chain, baby bracelets and religious item that are still one of its key point to the present day.



In the year 2009 the company started producing elettroforming  jewels of elegant and original design very much appreciated in the Arabic market place all over the world.

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